One Long and Rambling Update

So its been a while since I did one of these blog entries, a bit long overdue, but better late than never. Since the last time I did one of these the blog has changed quite a lot so here’s what has changed.

  1. After a long back and forth with myself, I have decided to just place the single ad unit to the bottom of my posts and be done with it. Those persons who are using adblock wouldn’t even know anything is there, and those who aren’t don’t have to worry about the site being riddled with ads … Just the one and for the foreseeable future will be just the one.

  2. I finally moved the movie reviews into a dedicated blog just for movie reviews ( I was kind of on the fence about it for quite a while so one night I just said … Oh hell… And moved them to a separate blog. I am still doing a bit of work on it … Have to move over the images manually… WordPress needs to fix that … Has been a problem for the longest while.

  3. I started using bleeding edge nightlies on this blog. I keep reading about the new features but I don’t have time to setup and maintain a development WordPress setup to do that… So I’m using my main blog. I am however using WordPress’ automatic updates to keep it up to date and so far nothing has broken.

As for my personal life, nothing major has happened, just got a little bit older, and a little bit more wiser.

On a side note I have a few tutorials to share for persons trying to speed up their sites.

But that’s all I will say for now, as always thanks for the support.
Delano Maloney

How Do I Make My C: partition Bigger By Taking Space From D:? 

Changing the layout of the hard disk make the C: partition bigger requires a few steps, and occasionally special tools.

Source: Can I make my C: partition bigger by taking space from D:? – Ask Leo!

Had this problem a while back on my work computer, the hard drive came pre-partitioned and I needed to change the layout because the main (C:) had very little storage, about 160GBs or so out of a 500GB hard drive, so since nothing was on the 500GB side just yet I just deleted it and repartitioned it, but if your case is not so simple, this tutorial should help you out.

How to install Android 4.4 KitKat in Windows using VirtualBox

Google’s confectionery legacy of Android operating systems has enough digital sugar to make you nauseous. It all started in 2009 with Android 1.5 Cupcake and now five years later, Google ‘s infatuation with sweets lives on through KitKat. KitKat is a great…Read more ›

Source: How to install Android 4.4 KitKat in Windows using VirtualBox – fixedByVonnie

I was feeling highly nerdy last night and decided to try VirtualBoxing Android 4.4 KitKat, because why not. For the most part it was really simple and I got it up and running in no time.

NB: When you are using your mouse to control the VM you need to go to the bottom, where you’ll see the mouse with a green tick or something, well click that and change it to disable…

That’s a quick fix to your cursor not working in Android’s touchscreen environment, when you do this though, you will need to hit the host key (Right CTRL unless you customized it) to leave the VM, other than that works very smoothly on my machine.

Should I Show Ads On My Blog?

This question has been bothering me for the past months since I started this blog. Should I show ads on my site or not?

Well for me the answer is somewhat complicated, so I decided to test it for myself and see if it was worth the hassle.

For those of you who visited this site over that past weeks, particularly on mobile devices would have noticed a small banner ad at the bottom of posts.

This site gets on average 100 visits per day, which converts to around 700 visits a week. Now going with the ad impressions recorded by Google AdSense for the entire month. I had 1500 ad impressions and made a whopping 1 cent. Yep you heard me 1 whole cent.

Now if I do a bit of maths, let’s say I wanted to cover the monthly cost of this website which is $25, I would need 150,000 ad impressions a day, which should earn approximately $1 a day.

Now at this point it would be far more profitable to sell T-shirts, mugs, posters and other trinkets rather than showing banner ads on my site.

Now to be fair, Google AdSense is a CPC (Cost per click) platform and not a CPM (Cost per Impression), but let’s bet real when was the last time any of you clicked on a banner ad.

There is however a huge difference in earnings for persons who use DFP (Doubleclick for Publishers) but if you’re already using DFP then you don’t really need my advice.

So there it is, if you’re running a small website like this one, and wondering if Google AdSense would help you make some extra cash, the answer is no.