Day #4 / 17th May 2012

Today was a slow day

There was hardly anything to do today as hardly anyone brought in a net-book to be fixed and in most of the cases it was just a change in password that was needed. Which I was shown how to do on a computer running meego.

Since there was not much work to do I engaged in a game of Halo with the other employees of which I lost every game. But I got a lot of kills and died a lot.

In the after this time I had to journey to the St. Vincent Girls High School to arrange the furniture for the CXC exams on the next day. I was hoping that it would be a repeat of Day#3 but sadly my hopes were let down. ALL the furniture needed arranging and some classes were missing furniture and I had to bring furniture to the class and it was not just next door. The class room that had the furniture was at the bottom to the front of the school and the class that needed the furniture was up 3 flights of stairs and desks and chairs are not light.


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