Day #7 & #8 / 22 – 23 May 2012

Day #7

Today there wasn’t a lot to do apart from in the morning when I helped do disk cover on some meego computer systems, removed some passwords, saw how to do a check disk and saw how to flash the cmos.

Day #8


Today I visited The Thomas Saunders Secondary School and The St. Vincent Grammar School.

The Thomas Saunders Secondary School had a problem with one of their computers that would not power up. When the power button wash pushed nothing happened but the power supply was receiving power as its fan was spinning. There was also a problem of students putting in ps/2 keyboards and spinning them resulting in the pins being broken.

The computer was taken back to the office to be tested to find out what was the cause of the problem. After several tests, the conclusion was either the processor or the motherboard was bad.

The St. Vincent Grammar School had a problem with the teacher computer for the IT lab. The computer came on but nothing was seen on the screen. The monitor was verified to be good so the computer was taken back to the office but because the computer had work that the teachers needed the hard drive of the computer was taken out and placed into a working computer.

The computer was taken back to the office and it booted up properly and worked with the monitor so the problem may be a faulty expansion card.


The afternoon was very slow so I just watched the work done by the other technicians and help repair a netbook that had a bad keyboard.

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