Day #10 / 25 May 2012


Today I was supposed to go back to the Ministry of Education first building to help the cover the boxes for Barbados and Jamaica; but when I arrived to do so they had not finished packing the boxes so I had to wait.

At around 10 a call came in to go to Peter’s Vale Primary School l and the supervisor asked whether if they should fix the computers at the school or bring them back to the office. Everyone decided it would be easier to bring the computers back to the office.

Because an employee was out sick with cold, I had to take care of the database and repair computers.


It was a bit after 11 when the computers from the school arrived all of which had dead batteries so it slowed down repairs a bit. I was given five computers that needed to have Firefox installed on them. After being unable to find it in meego’s software list a coworker showed me how to install Firefox for meego using Terminal, which sped up things for me, and within 15 minutes, I was finished.

After I got finished that I went down to help cover the boxes with two other coworkers but seeing as I was not needed and had something to take care of I left.

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