Day #9 / 24 May 2012


In the Morning, I had to go over to the Ministry of Education first building to help them cover boxes, which is kind of like wrapping presents except they are filled with CXC examination papers that were going to be shipped to Trinidad and Tobago. It was a total of six boxes and one package making it 7 things that had to be wrapped. I knew nothing about how to wrap presents and one of my coworkers and another person helped me.

After I was finished with wrapping boxes, I went back to where I was working to fix some more broken netbooks.


While on lunch a woman brought in a netbook that had a jumping screen, and I was instructed to turn it on. Upon turning it on, the screen was jumping so much that you could not recognize anything on the screen. I opened it up and I was told to open it up, a coworker then told me to touch a four-pin cable that had to do with the video and try to get it tightened. Upon doing so, I realized that the black wire for the cable was loose and had to be tightened or the whole cable had to be replaced all together, which required taking apart the entire computer including the screen. So obviously replacing the cable would be and if all else fails type of decision. I fought with the cable until it was not jumping at all but as soon as I said yes! The screen jumped not like before but just every now and then. Therefore, there was only thing to do, change the cable. Upon changing the cable, the first time the screen would not come on and my first thought was I had broken it. But then a senior coworker helped me out and I found out that I had changed the faulty cable with a bad one and all I had to do was take the netbook apart again and change the cable. After doing that, the computer came on and was working just fine.

After all that drama I decided to play some Halo for the rest of the afternoon.

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