Day #11 / 29 May 2012

The 28th of May was a public holiday so the work week started on the 29th which is nice for me a 4 day week means less early mornings. I have one week left on attachment before I am back home being bored out of my mind.

Today technically it isn’t a lot of work but when you see what I have to do, it looks like a lot.

Early in the morning, I had to help move the covered CXC boxes marked for their various destinations into a vehicle to be shipped.

After doing that and some slight procrastination my boss told me that I had to sort out and organize the netbook records. The netbook records are the forms that the parents/guardians of a child or a teacher had to sign upon receiving the netbook and covers every school on the island including the Grenadines. The records are arranged by school and grade, and my job is to ensure that each folder contains only persons from the school in the grade so that it is easier to find persons.

I started it today along with some help from a coworker and I haven’t even done any damage to it as yet, so it might be taking me the rest of the week to complete.

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