Film Review: Big Miracle (2012)

Big Miracle


107 Mins


Drama, Romance

Great movie about determination, will power and teamwork. It almost made me cry when I heard that the baby wale nick named “Bamm-Bamm” had died. It is definitely a movie you should watch. It is great to watch with the family or that special someone. Unless you have nerves of steel like I do you will most likely be crying your eyes out while watching this movie and after you have watched it you would just have to watch it again. Drew Barrymore is a bit psychotic (as nicely as I can put it) in her role as the “tree hugger” but as the movie progresses you will get to love her. John Krasinski who plays an up and coming reporter that breaks the story. He befriends a fellow reporter (sexy as hell) who is also struggling to make a name for herself….

I’m not going to talk anymore as you will no longer want to watch the movie.

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