Getting My Nerd On This Summer

Well since I can’t design anything for the rest of the summer, that does not mean I cannot learn stuff. For this summer I will be using the video tutorials provided by thenewboston on YouTube. Hopefully at the end of summer I will be a bit more versed in JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and jQuery. So far I know XHTML and CSS and know hot to position elements and bold text and so forth.

(You are wondering why am I learning all this stuff) Well I am trying to design the official website that I will be upgrading to from; and since no one knows me and my style better that me.

The DDMBOSS site design will be used to mirror my creativity or creative potential. Plus I am trying to figure out and create a design that has not been done before. (Which is both hard to find and design)

I am unsure as to when to put an official deadline for the design completion; because school starts back in september which will limit my time a bit plus my second blog and maintaining this blog. I hoping to be completed on January 1st or in the summer of 2013 or just wait until January 1st 2014 (2014 seems kind of far) but I don’t know.

When I get either my new computer (which I would build from scratch) or my current computer fixed I will post a new design to test it out and Inform y’all.

Till next time #DDMBOSS

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