Film Review: American Reunion (2012)

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American Reunion


114 Mins



American Pie the first three movies were the best and this one just made me remember why. American Pie 1 introduced us to these crazy yet loveable characters that made you laugh until you cry and this was followed up by American Pie 2 and American Wedding and then it went downhill, but American Reunion brings back the original characters and they are still as crazy as when we last saw them.

Jim: still married and has a son

Kevin: also married

Stifler: same as when we last saw him,

Finch: is now a “world traveler”

Oz: is now a famous celebrity

These old friends get back together for the reunion and jumps back into their wild teenager years just as if nothing had changed. The movie has a lot of laughs and Jim getting himself into some precarious situations. the “milf guys” are separated now too and we finally get to see finch’s mom. If you watched the first three American Pie movies then you will enjoy this movie and even if you didn’t you still will.

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