Film Review: Lockout (2012)

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PG – 13

95 Mins


Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi

I would have to say this movie is below what I had expected. From the trailer it looked to be a none-stop action movie, well it was kind of like in the beginning and there were some witty comments and what seemed intended to be jokes. Besides that the movie was disappointing, if you are an action fanatic don’t watch this movie, the special effects and explosions seem rather fake and the story-line was the worst thing of all. If the black guy had just left the gun at the counter there would not be a movie and he was actually kind of stupid shooting a control panel is not the answer to everything, and then caused his own death and nearly killed one of the main characters.

The story-line: If you build a maximum security prison for the “worst of the worst criminals” then why would you give a fuck whether the facility is using them as experiments or whether they are having side effects from “stasis” seems rather idiotic, if you ever have a problem you just blow it the fuck out the sky end of story.

The characters: the female main character she was too predictable, seriously falling in love with the guy who came to save you, seen it everywhere. The guy that saved her he was pretty good, but there was lacking of a decent fight scene, you’re in a prison with 500 crazy ass motherfuckers and they don’t even show him beating the fuck out of none of them. The black guy that went with the president’s daughter (female main character) he is who should have actually been killed by those criminals, the warden said “NO FUCKING GUNS ON THE PRISONER’S SIDE” and this guy still sneaks in a gun, and well you know criminals are crafty he lost the gun, shit got real people started dying. The president he was okay too believable even but that’s as far as it goes. The black secret service guy I actually liked him until in the end when I found out he was a snitch. The other secret service guy (the one that acted “tough”) turned out to be a good guy seriously did not expect that. The warden that guy was a pussy and  almost gave away that they had the president’s daughter. The woman who got shot I actually liked her. The head criminal his role was believable too but his crazy brother I would have killed him a long time ago.

That is the whole crappy movie in a nut shell. Sorry about the cursing I get that way when I watch crap.

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