Film Review: A Thousand Words (2012)

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A Thousand Words

PG – 13

91 Min


Comedy | Drama

A Thousand Words is not a bad movie, a bit more touching than I expected and good humor as you would expect from Eddie Murphy but not overly funny. The movie is based around a successful mouthy agent (Eddie Murphy) who sets out to sell the book made by an influential spiritual activist, while at the activist’s monastery he cuts his hand on a tree. The agent after signing the activist goes to visit his mother who is suffering from Dementia and there you find out about the agent’s immense hatred for his father. Later that same night the same tree that he had cut his hand on magically shows up at his home but he does not take note of it as he thinks of it as a present. When he reaches to work the next day and finds out about the “book” that he had just signed to be published he sets out to see the spiritual activist who is surprised by his notion that he the activist sent the agent the tree and there they notice that every time the agent spoke a word the tree lost a leaf and the agent is advised not to speak. When he realizes that if the tree lost all its leaves he could die he sets out to try to remedy this by doing good deeds. (that is the whole starting sorry couldn’t resist but if you want to know how it ends watch the movie)

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