Film Review: Sorority Row (2009)

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Sorority Row


101 Min


Horror | Thriller

Sorority Row is at best an average movie it can almost be likened to Scream 4 with the hooded killer and tricked out killing weapon. It has some great killing scenes and the actors aren’t all that bad the movie is more of a gore movie that a horror.


The movie starts at a sorority party for the house. (I can’t remember its name) The girls who are all sisters meet together except for one member who is busy with her boyfriend who is one of the sisters’ brother. Now in the middle of the missing sorority sister making out with her boyfriend (more like him making out with her because she was laying motionless) she starts throwing up and shaking violently. He freaks out and goes to call the other sorority sisters who were watching the whole time and were on their way to the room. When the sisters (some of who did not know that she was acting) get to the room they perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on her until she started making out with one of the girls which is when everyone (the girls alone) realized that she was acting and that it was a prank to get back at her boyfriend for cheating on her. Anyways they get into one of the girls’ Escalade and started driving supposedly to the hospital but again supposedly in all of the commotion and fright the driver makes a wrong turn and they end up at an abandoned property. Now there was some talk of how they should get rid of the body (you know to make the prank believable) and they talked about placing her underwater and that this wouldn’t work because she had air in her lungs, well one of the girls came up with the idea of smashing her body apart using stones.

English: The cast of Sorority Row. Left to rig...
English: The cast of Sorority Row. Left to right: Leah Pipes, Briana Evigan, Rumer Willis, Margo Harshman, Jamie Chung. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the girls set off to look for sharp stones to smash her apart with, now the girl who they left lying in a blanket on the ground, now the freaked out boyfriend who was quite dumb to begin with, decides to take out the tire iron that was in the back of the vehicle and plunges into her chest in the mindset that it would remove the air in her lungs now of course the girl who was actually alive starts to actually go into seizures as she bleeds out from having a tire iron through her chest. Well the boyfriend learns that it was just a prank and he had just killed his girlfriend, one of the girls wanted to go to the police but none of them could as it would ruin their futures as they were involved in the prank. So another girl (the bitchy one) comes up with the idea to dump the body in a well and that if anyone asked that she had disappeared, all of the girls agree to this except the one that wanted to go to the police, so in an attempt to save themselves they said that if she went to the police they would blame the murder on her, so she reluctantly gave in.

Eight months past and they are now at their graduation, everything appears to be back to normal. Then all the girls receive a picture of a tire iron the same one they used to kill the girl. They immediately think it was just a prank by the dead girl’s boyfriend who went psycho after her death. The girls decide to shrug it off until one of the girls freaked out thinking she had seen a ghost (the dead girl) but it was actually the dead girl’s sister, after calming the girl down they tell her about the text and after calming her down they started preparing for the annual party the house would usually throw. Now one of the girls (the slutty one) she has an appointment with her psychiatrist who is a sleaze bag (surprise) anyway she goes to freshen up and while doing so the doctor who was hand cuffed to his bed was killed (rather sweetly) by the killer, now when she comes out from the bathroom she thinks he is just playing around and decides to sit and wait for him to come out, while doing so she heard some clanking on the walls and started calling for the doctor (you know the usual horror movie thing) well she lays down and started drinking a bottle of vodka and while she lied there drinking, the killer came up and shoves the bottle down her throat (which was kind of ironic).

Well by this time the party is now in full swing and the killer is already fast at work having killed a girl who was hiding in the showers. The girls received a video that apparently came from the dead girl’s phone which directs them to go to the place they had killed her, when they get there they meet the dead girl’s boyfriend who had a shard of glass in his hands and thinking that he was either the killer or going to kill them, he was ran over until it appeared that he was dead. The girls return to the house to find the party had died out and everyone had gone to an after party. The killer had stayed in the house and was busy killing everyone who knew about the killing, until there was three of them left: the nerdy girl, the one who wanted to call the police and the dead girl’s sister, and it is then that we find out that the killer is actually the girl who wanted to tell the police’s boyfriend who decided to kill all of the girls except for her because he had heard of what the girls had done from the nerdy girl even though they had all said that no one would ever find out. At this time the house is on fire and the boyfriend who is mad from having his girlfriend deceive him decides to kill everyone, but forgets about the nerdy girl who comes up behind him and knocks him down into a whole in the floor which drops him down into the basement which was engulfed in flames (it is assumed he is dead). The three girls make it out alive and the fire department comes on scene and the movie fades to black. But just before the credits we see a scene where there are some girls who are leaving the house and they show a hand with a scar on it which looks like that of the dead girl’s boyfriend.

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