Film Review: Get The Gringo (2012)

Get The Gringo
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Get the Gringo


95 Min


Action | Crime | Drama

Get the Gringo is an action packed movie. It’s almost like every ten minutes someone is getting shot or shot at. Besides the action it has a pretty good story line which is based around the “Gringo” played by Mel Gibson after being arrested and placed in a Mexican jail he befriends a kid and his mom and vows to protect them from harm. You will enjoy this movie if you are a Mel Gibson fan or an action junkie.


English: Mel Gibson at the Cannes film festival
English: Mel Gibson at the Cannes film festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the movie starts off with Mel Gibson dressed in a clown suit, being heavily pursued by United States Border Police. Now while all that is happening an accomplice who is also in the car is bleeding internally and is coughing up blood all over the money. So one thing leads to another and the Border Police starts shooting at him, first taking out the back window and then one of the tires, which causes Mel to lose control of the car

before turning the car back into a ramp which allows the car to break through the fence and lands on the Mexican side of the border. There is some dialogue between the US and Mexican Border Patrol and the Mexicans agree to give the prisoner to the US, but after seeing the money in the back of the car the Mexicans have a change of heart and decides to keep the prisoner.

Mel is taken to a holding cell before taking to a “prison” which is more like a housing program for convicts with the only rule is that you do not try to escape. After a couple of days, He realizes that if you have money that you can purchase a day-off from having to do work at the prison. He decides to start a fire as a distraction while he robs a drug joint. Thinking he got away without being seen, he meets a kid who asks him for a cigarette, after refusing, the kid tells him that he saw Mel robbing the drug joint, which causes Mel to reluctantly give the kid a cigarette.

Mel and the kid become friends and the kid tells him about the ins and outs of the prison, and Mel tells him why he is in the Mexican prison. The kid reluctantly tells Mel that the prison owner killed his father for his liver and about his rare blood type, and also that the Kid also has the same rare blood type. He then meets the kid’s mother who at their first boxes him down, but the second time they meet the have a conversation about the kid, which is when Mel promises that he would not let the kid’s life be taken like his father’s.

The rest of the movie after that point consists of an awesome shoot out between the persons who were hired to retrieve the money Mel had stolen, Mel blowing up a room etc.. Like I said Action Packed Movie.

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