Film Review: The Hunter (2011)

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The Hunter


102 Min


Adventure | Drama


The movie starts off with Martin David (Willem Dafoe) who is given an assignment to find an animal most people believe to be extinct. He arrives at the Armstrong house and is greeted by the children, and is told that he should not wake their mother. After seeing the living conditions he ventures into town to look for a better place to stay, but he is greeted by hostility by the locals. He decides it would be best to stay at the home. He decides to venture out on his assignment and is helped by a local guide up to a point before he tells the guide that he would continue the hike alone.

After the twelve day period he comes back down to find the side of his vehicle’s window smashed and is told to go home. He takes no action and

Willem Dafoe Premiere of "The Walker"...
Willem Dafoe Premiere of “The Walker” at the Berlinalepalace, Marlene-Dietrich-Platz, Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

returns to the Armstrong house to rest and restock for another twelve days in the forest. While he is there he learns that the children’s father had gone missing the summer looking for the Tasmanian Tiger. He is told by the guide that there was a search and rescue but no body was ever found and that it could be that he got injured or was eaten or was killed as the kid’s father had gotten on the bad side of some of the locals because he was against the loggers, unaffected by this, he ventures back up into the forest for the second time. It was during this trip, while he was getting some water to drink, he was shot at, and after investigating he didn’t find anyone so he decided to return back to where he was staying.

(Skipping out some details) Anyway he started talking to the kids and helping out and got the broken generator back up and running, in doing so he started up all the different devices that were hooked up when it stopped working. The racket and music awoke the kids mom and she comes out running thinking that her husband had returned to her, she embraces him, but when she realizes that it is not her husband, she returns inside and takes some medication that she “had a prescription for” which was refilled by the guide (the guy that showed Martin up the mountain). Martin investigates the medication and tells the children to stop giving her the medication and that they should give her tea as she will not be feeling well. He then bathes her (and no there is no nude scene) and puts her back to sleep before preparing to go back into the forest.

(skipping a lot of details) He found a cave he believed belonged to the tiger. He had  confrontation between a logger over the kids’ mom. There was a confrontation between the environmentalists and the loggers. The kid drew him a picture and showed him that the tiger was found mainly around water. He stopped the guide from approaching the house. He finds the flask that belonged to the kids’ father and also his remains. He returns and hides the flask. He finds out that the father was working for the same company that he is working for. The next day

An illustration of a Thylacine. The title is &...
An illustration of a Thylacine. The title is “Tasmanian Tiger. (Thylacinus Cynocephalus)” Hand-coloured lithographic plate, 285 x 385 mm, from a photograph by Victor A. Prout. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

he plans to take the kids and their mother on a pick nick before the phone rang and he had to cancel as he had to go back up.

The night he leaves to go up someone breaks into the house, his replacement and goes off into the forest where he meets up with Martin and forces him to take the rival hunter to the cave he had found. Martin realizes that he has been replaced he sets out and leads the rival hunter into a trap he had set up and got himself free in time to manage to kill him. He inspects his replacement where he finds a map and coordinates which is exactly what he had given to the kids’ mom. He hurries back and finds the house burnt down. He goes to the guide who meets him with a gun and tells him

that the woman and her daughter are dead but the boy is alive, he also tell him that he called the “university” and said he was making trouble.

He ventures back up into the forest and decides to wait until he finds the tiger. He waited a long time before awaking and seeing the tiger at the cave’s entrance, the tiger runs off when it realizes that someone was there. Martin got to his feet and goes out, looking around, he sees the tiger just standing off in the distance looking at him as if he is waiting for Martin to kill it. After some delay he shot the tiger and dragged it back and burned the body and came down. He called the university and tells them that the tiger is no more. He then goes to seen the boy and the movie ends there.

A great movie, touching even, it is a bit boring and takes a while but it is enjoyable.

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