Film Review: Sound of Noise (2010)

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Sound of Noise


102 Min


Comedy | Crime | Music


The movie starts off with a brief introduction of the policeman’s family. You find out that the policeman was born to two artists and that he is tone-deaf so he isn’t exactly musician material. Then there is the birth of his brother who practically out shines him, and since it is a musical family he practically fades away. Fast forward a couple of years we see the introduction of Sanna and I think Magnus (I am bad with names) a couple of unconventional musicians and they are making music using the van and a drum set (sounds sweet), anyway they are speeding and slowing down keeping in rhythm to the metronome until they catch the attention of a police. Magnus goes wild and throws the drum set at the cop and they crash the van, and we get to see Amadeus (police man) and you know since 9/11 anything with a ticking coming from it is considered to be a bomb. Armadeus (this guy was either dumb or had balls) goes into the van to find a metronome on the dashboard and walks back out (ending the big suspense). So Sanna and Magnus goes back to their apartment, where magnus hands her a manuscript dubbed “Music for one City and Six Drummers”. So the two set off to find more drummers, they then set out to find four places that would be perfect for their performances.

First Performance “Doctor Doctor Gimme Gas In My Ass”

This was done at where else but a hospital, using some rich and famous guy as the drum. This was more a techno kind of beat but I loved it. They were playing good then the guy dies (fuck), they resuscitate him and then they got back to playing. When all this was over the police was called in on a kind of hush-hush investigation. Armadeus tries to talk to the guy who claimed to have been molested, but fails to hear anything that the guy is saying, he gives up on this and goes to the room where the “molesters” played music and when he knocked a pan that was used, no sound, so he is wondering if it is he alone who cannot hear anything, so in risk of being called crazy he takes the pan out and meets up with his captain and knocks the bed pan on the wall and sees them affected by the loud noise.

The police man and Sanna unaware of each other meetup at a music store where they were both looking through for metronomes, anyway she recommended a musical piece to him after he asked for something that would be good for a conductor. We are then showed the awkward relationship he has with his family. He gives his brother the present, but when his brother opens it, the gift isn’t what he thought it was and it became kind of like a joke.

Second Performance “Money 4 U Honey”

You guessed it this one was done at a bank. They invaded the bank dressed as robbers and started performing. The police is called in and again he tests something that they used to play music and the result was no sound. He learns about Sanna and visits her music school, he learns that she would use pretty much anything to make music with and was kicked out after her addiction to water, which led to her flooding the schools auditorium. He also finds out about her school mate who was kicked out a couple of months after her for being violent. We learn that Amadeus has a deep disliking for music.  He tracks her down finds her school mate who runs and starts playing and the police officer realizes that anything the artists play on that he can no longer hear anything from it. He follows the musician until he loses him in some containers before the musician returns with two bullhorns firing them at point-blank causing the policeman’s ears to bleed.

Third Performance “Fuck The Music Kill Kill”

This time they performed at a theater that the policeman happened to be at because he was supporting his brother. He leaves after his ears started bleeding again, when he sees the musicians driving bulldozers up to the theater stopping at the fountain before starting. Upon starting the theater started shaking which caused everyone to start running fearing that a bomb had gone off. Of course Amadeus runs outside to try to stop them as his ears was hurting and they were destroying the place, he fights two of the drummers before almost being taken out by one of the bulldozers. After this incident the police chief is outraged and anyone who was caught playing music was arrested. Amadeus returns to work and finds the office filled with musicians and goes crazy. Everyone goes quiet and he notices someone is talking but he cannot hear anything, and realizes that, that person could take him to the artists. He gets to where the artists are staying and finds the manuscript and he comes up with an idea.

Fourth Performance “Electric Love”

This one was performed at the city’s power plant as the artists were suspended on the power lines. This performance wasn’t really all that good (my opinion). Amadeus goes to his brother and finally gets his help, he writes out a musical piece for the band to play. He tracks them down and comes in as soon as they get finished with their performance. He asks for Sanna and gives them a musical piece to play. When Sanna comes down he handcuffs her and takes her to the theater and releases her, she boxes him, he pleads with her, and she plays the piece he had written for her. When they were finished they come outside to find the city turning on and off as if it were an instrument. They find a rooftop to observe the masterpiece and share a kiss before Amadeus tells her to flee the city or else the band would have to be arrested. They part ways and we see the band again in a city somewhere and they are playing lounge music for money. We also see Amadeus going back to the theater but this time he is enjoying it as he cannot hear anything which is what he wanted all along.

This is an enjoyable movie for the music. A little heads up this is a foreign language film so you will need subs in your language apart from that great movie.

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