Film Review: Meeting Evil (2012)

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Meeting Evil


89 Min


Crime | Drama | Mystery

Plot: John is taken on a murder-fueled ride by a mysterious stranger that transforms the weak-willed, disillusioned husband and father into a desperate hero willing to go to any length to protect his family.

The movie starts off and we see John (played by Luke Wilson) driving home and from the neighborhood you can tell that hard economic times has hit the whole neighborhood and that he is one of the few persons still living there. He comes home to a house that looks deserted and seeing that no one is home, he decides to have a drink. In the middle of his drink, his wife and kids pops up from behind the counter in an attempt to surprise him, which causes him to drop his drink. When his wife realizes that he isn’t in a good mood, she tells the kids to go upstairs before she asks him about work, and whether or not he sold a house, he replies negatively and they have a small argument and she takes the kids to the park. A couple of minutes pass and there is a knock on the door, Richie (played by Samuel L. Jackson) appears at his door, in need of assistance with his car, John reluctantly agrees, Richie informs John that the car gives problems when it is a bit low on gas. After some pushing, John starts getting fussy and Richie finally starts the car which backfires onto John’s leg which damages his pants and burns his foot.

English: Luke Wilson in Texas Film Hall of Fam...
English: Luke Wilson in Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Richie gets out of the car looking genuinely concerned and remorseful, he offers to take John to the hospital, and again John is reluctant at first but gives in, they set off supposedly for the hospital but Richie decides to take a stop at the gas station. Richie after taking offense to a worker at the gas station decides to go into the store, he kills everyone inside unknowing to John and comes back in a pleasant mood claiming that the manager understood and even gave him free gas. Richie then decides that they should go to a bar instead of the hospital. John again is reluctant and when Richie stops at the bar, he gets out and goes to a phone shop, attempting to make a phone call to his family. He is met with hostility by the worker at the counter and they exchange words. He eventually has to go over to the bar to use the pay phone. We meet John’s boss who fired him, the woman he was cheating on his wife with. He decides to leave with her and after realizing that she was drunk decides to drive, as they are getting into the car, Richie shows up, and his car had been towed and ask if he could get a ride with them. John eventually says yes, and they set off again. On their way to the impound, the car begins to be pursued by a trucker who thinks John killed his girlfriend and tries to run them off the road. John is forced to stop the car and comes out angry at the trucker, the trucker also steps out with a weapon and accuses John of killing his girlfriend, and begins to approach John before he is knocked down by Richie who had taken the car. John immediately realizes that Richie isn’t who he appears to be.

Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They get back into the car and continue driving until they see an old house. The three of them get out of the car, John tells the woman to stay by the car. John and Richie split up and search the house, John manages to find a phone and calls 911, while on the phone, he hears another person on the phone who is already on the line, he starts talking to the 911 operator and informing her of the accident that happened on the road and leaves his name before the line is disconnected. He searches for Richie and asks him who it was on the phone. Richie tells him it was no one but John is still unsure. John goes back to where Richie came from to check, and finds nothing he then goes back outside for the woman. When he gets back, one thing leads to another and Richie points a gun at him, in the middle of it all a police car shows up and John and the woman manage to make their escape. John who was injured, tells the woman to go on without him and he starts walking.

(skipping a lot of details) John is picked up by the police, who have arrested him and was pinning all the murders on him. He tells them what happened and the police thinks that he is making it up, The woman who was with them, shows up and confirms his story and he is released, and his wife shows up and becomes a bit angry when she sees John with his mistress. They get home and things are tense, when there is a knock at the door, Richie dressed as a police man, Richie and John’s wife sit down and she is being nice to him as he is a guest. John comes downstairs and finds Richie and he is upset, Richie reminds John that he had invited him, they sit down and began talking. One thing led to another and His wife had a knife, John took it away and for a moment looked as if he was going to kill her, before stabbing Richie. Which ends up in a fight between the two, until it ends with Richie being shot in the head by the police.

All in all it is not a bad movie, a bit predictable but nonetheless entertaining.

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