Film Review: Friends with Kids (2011)

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Friends with Kids


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Plot: Two best friends decide to have a child together while keeping their relationship platonic, so they can avoid the toll kids can take on romantic relationships.

This movie is based around a group of friends who were all very close. Now one friend announces that they are pregnant (the couple in the far left of the poster) and they all make promises that they will still be out going. A couple of years past and now (the couple in the far left and the center of the poster) both have kids and the two best friends (far left) are still without kids, and goes to visit their friends because, it was someones birthday. After a crazy night at their friend’s house, the two best friends, go to a bar where one of them come up with the idea that they should have a kid together, not as a couple, but as friends, because they felt like they should just get it over because they did not want to deal with all the headaches of marriage.

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They think it over, and told their friends about the idea, all of them were skeptical with the idea, but supported them. At first it was awkward as they were close but they went through with it. Before long, the baby came along, at first it was challenging but they got the hang of it and worked out a schedule of who got the child on which night. After a couple of weeks or months, they were back out on the dating scene. He found the girl of his dreams (Megan Fox)

Some more weeks or months past and the friends including their date all go on a ski trip, there was the various introductions and awkward moments. Then things got heated during dinner, and feelings got hurt and words were exchanged. After the trip, the couple in the center, got divorced and things moved on somewhat normally. Then came the female friend’s birthday and she invited only the father of her child, and told him about her feelings for him, and he rejected her, and she then moved out of the building and over to Brooklyn supposedly for better education for the child.

Some more weeks past and we see him visiting the child and the tension that is still between the two former friends. He then goes and talk to the friend who had gotten divorced, they apologized for the things said at the ski trip, and the friend asked him, why they never tried the relationship, and he compares her to a limb and the friend finally makes him see his love for her and he. He gives her the birthday present that he was planning on giving her for her birthday before things got awkward between the two. He drops off the kid and delivers the kid, who starts asking questions and forces them to both share a moment until, they both put him to sleep, which is when he said that he wished he could stay, and tells her about his feelings, and she kicks him out, he drives off and then comes back again and declare his love and asks her to allow him to prove how much he loves her.

All in all a great movie to watch and has its funny parts. (this was actually supposed to be posted on Saturday 21st but I couldn’t go online)

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