Camp: The Whole Story


I arrived at the camp site, the place was quite spacious and there was a lot of yard for you to play cricket and other sports. The officials told us to go and find our rooms, luckily I had the first room and proceeded to settle in. There were only six persons total in my room and a total of twelve beds, which allowed everyone to sleep comfortably.

After settling in, we were given the rules, of which I only remembered that boys could not be in the girl’s dorms and likewise the girls for the boy’s dorms. We were also informed of the houses that everyone was separated into. These houses were responsible for lunch, dinner, breakfast, or the environment, on different days.


Well I did not sleep the first night, but everyone in the dorm was awakened, when someone got up at 4 am and turned on the lights, and shouting at him to go back to sleep. I slept for another hour, which felt like ten minutes before getting up. The early morning looked beautiful, it was probably because I usually got up at ten in the morning, but I enjoyed it.

We ate breakfast kind of early around 7 O’clock but we had church at 9:45 so there was a lot of time to kill. I took my bath early and spent the rest of the time browsing through the camp, observing everyone.

When it was close to the time for church I got my clothes ironed and got ready. Church was enjoyable, there were no microphones or music but it was enjoyable. Soon after we had lunch.

After lunch, I had decided to go and take a nap, as I did not get any sleep, but sadly I was informed that each house was scheduled for house meeting to discuss, person’s roles and plan for the activities that they were required to participate in.

So I met my house’s leader, she was good-looking and the vice captain he was one of the members in my dorm. We talked about the talent show and planned who was responsible for what during dinner, as the house had dinner.

After the house meeting, we (everyone) was told that we had street evangelism, which was basically going out into the community handing out pamphlets and telling persons about the lord and encourage them to go to a church. (doing what Jehovah witness usually do) So two other persons and I set out going along the main road until we ran out of pamphlets or road which ever came first. Honestly I have to say it went along quite easily, the first person was at a bar, and then we walked a good distance before we came to a group of men, getting drunk, I introduced myself and one of the girls who were with me, she was a bit shy, but quickly overcame it as the guys warmed up to her and that was where all of our pamphlets were shared.

After running out of pamphlets we continued walking observing the neighborhood, until we reached back at camp. I reached back and took a bath before eating dinner and then taking care of the pots and bowls.


So there was no one getting up at 4 in the morning and I got some sleep, seemed like an hour even though I fell asleep at 11. My house had lunch today so I could relax a bit.

At around 9-10 we had a general discussion until it was cut short as there was another seminar planned for the next hour. The second seminar went on a bit long until about 12:30. Everyone just went straight to lunch and again I helped with the clean up.

Just when I was about to head off to get some R&R, my house had a meeting to discuss what the house would do for the talent show on Wednesday, after that was done. I took a bath and it was off to dinner.

After dinner we had a continuation of the discussion that was started earlier up until 10:30 before lights out at 11.


My house was responsible for breakfast so I was up at my regular time, and after over procrastinating, swept out the dining area, and wound up still sweeping while persons were coming in for the session.

I got finished and we learned that the persons that were supposed to talk with us forgot about it. The officials decided that they would have another discussion session and a lot of things were discussed the music we listen to being one of them.

The discussion wrapped up at around lunch.

In the afternoon, we were taken on a tour to the hieroglyphs, it wasn’t bad but it was a good bit of walking. Got back to camp relaxed a bit, then took a bath before eating dinner. After dinner there was some activities, I think it was games night until there was lights out.


My house was on Environment duty and we got through it quickly before breakfast. Ate breakfast. After which there was a presentation, then lunch. After lunch all the house met to finalize their talents for the talent show. My house had decided on doing a group song and a skit. After some practicing the song was good to go, and the drama also.

It came time for the talent show, all the groups performed exceptionally well, and there were a lot of laughs, at the end of it the results were shared, sadly my house placed third but still we did good.


Started off well, my house had dinner duty, so I could relax, the officials had planned for today to be more or less like a sports day, but no one was in the mood so we were left up to our own activities. After lunch me and a coupe of friends decided to just relax on the lawn that was there. The girls brought some sheets and we just lay there until it was dinner time talking and joking around. I was called to help in the kitchen with dinner, after counting out the plates and cups that were to be layed out, I decided to go take a bath as it would be a rush to get ready, because there was going to be a pageant directly after dinner.

After my quick bath, I came back and it was just left for the food to be shared out. After everyone, had eaten their fill it was time to wash up the plates, I was assisted by someone, I washed the cups and containers, and she washed the plates, thanks to the kitchen staff, there was no pots to be washed so when, I got done washing the plates and containers, some one cleaned out the floor of the kitchen, and cleaned the dinning area, and I got dressed for the pageant.

The pageant came off well, one contestant had stage fright and had to leave the stage, but she was replaced and after that there wasn’t any more problems, The categories of the pageant were: Introduction & Testimony, Talent, Creative Wear, Exhortation. I could not take part in the pageant for obvious reasons (I am not saved, so I can’t give a testimony). In the female category my house placed second and in the male category my house placed last.

That night I hardly got any sleep as we were all up and about and going outside.


did the usual routines, my house was responsible for lunch. Slept for most of the morning until we went to beach a little bit before lunch. We ate lunch at the beach and after letting my food settle a bit I went in to take a dip, (I cannot swim) the water was very cloudy and you could not tell people from sand so I decide to relax a bit after some time. Everyone was ready to go back to camp as the beach was a bit too dirty. When I reached back at camp had to go and wash up the plates and cups that persons ate in. Breezed through that before going to take a bath as I was still in the clothes I had gone beach in. After I took a bath and dressed I procrastinated a bit as tonight was the night of the banquet and you know women are going to take a while to get ready so when I saw that one girl had finished getting ready, I threw on my skinny jeans and my square mouth shoes and a church shirt and I was ready, I would have walked with better clothing but, when I read on the paper, wake up 5:45 AM that was the end of my reading. I had to wait a while with the other guys as my date wasn’t ready as yet. My date came out in a white dress and some heels and since she was already taller than me, my head was at about her shoulder.

The night went off good, we laughed and took a lot of pictures. After the banquet me and some friends attempted to sleep outside as I found out that my dorm key had been “lost” and there were a lot of mushing going on, after getting some pillows and sheets we took refuge under a tree which hid all of us, until the officials were ready for lights out and I don’t know whether they heard us or saw us but they came and ran us inside.

I got to my dorm to find my dorm room properly barricaded. The persons from my dorm had pushed the table that was in the dorm and some benches up to the door and jammed it using a piece of lumber. When we came in and found the set up we all had a good laugh, before going sleep.


The last day of camp

Everyone was sad to see each other go and there were even some tears being shed, not by me cause I don’t cry easily, and there was some waiting and me and a couple of friends got some sheets out and spread them first on the grass but the rain came down so we retreated inside to relax and wait until our various vehicles came.


That is my camp story, skipping a few details and I could not call any names because I did not ask person’s permission and I’m too broke to be sued so that’s how that goes. All in all I had a good time.

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