Film Review: Puss In Boots (2011)

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Puss In Boots


90 Min


Animation | Adventure | Comedy

Plot: A story about the events leading up to the sword fighting cat’s meeting with Shrek and his friends.

Now the movie starts and we see Puss getting dressed after what looked like a very enjoyable night. We also learn of his many names: Chubacabra, The Furry Lover, Fluffy Two-times and the most famous of them all; Puss In Boots. Now Puss was an outlaw, which you realize by the wanted posters and also that the guy at the starting trying to kill him, but it also tells you that he is desperate to correct a wrong he did.

We go forward a bit and we arrive at a town that is bright from celebrations, (Festival of Fire and Chicken). Puss walks into a bar and after everyone has had their jokes at his expense, Puss fires a knife at a wanted poster of himself before taking a seat at a table, the men at the bar realizing that he is the famous Puss In Boots attempt to capture him before Puss asserts his dominance. It was at this bar that Puss learns of the magic beans, which were in the possession of Hansel and Gretel.

Puss sets out to where Hansel and Gretel were staying; when he gets there, he finds another cat there apparently with the same idea of taking the beans, the cats get angry at each other and ended up giving away themselves to Hansel and Gretel who started shooting at them.

Puss is very annoyed at the other cat and follows her to what seems to be an underground cat club. The two cats engage in a dance-fight before it becomes a bit violent and Puss ends up hitting the other cat in the head with a guitar, which is when the other cat reveals its identity to be a woman. Puss is embarrassed by this and sets out behind her; she leads him to a dark room where he encounters a former friend Humpty Dumpty.

Puss leaves the club angrily and we see the bad blood between the former friends. The other cat whose name is Kitty Soft Paws follows Puss in an attempt to persuade him into joining the partnership. Puss then proceeds to tell her the story of why he and the egg fell out.

Humpty and Puss both grew up in an orphanage and after an event they became very close and Humpty shared his dream of finding the magic beans and climbing up the beanstalk to the giant’s castle to get the golden goose.

As they grew older and their chances of finding the magic beans became more and more like a kid’s dream, the two turned to robbing, they were very bad at it and kept being caught. Now the two were on a rooftop when a wild bull came bolting down the street and Puss instinctively sprang into action, bringing down the bull and saving a woman. For this, he was deemed as a hero and given the boots and hat, which were a symbol of honor. Puss and Humpty grew apart after that as Humpty continued stealing. Now one night Puss was sleeping when Humpty awoke him claiming to be in need of assistance, Puss being a good friend helps him, but when Puss catches himself, he sees that Humpty tricked him into helping him rob the town’s bank. Now one thing led to another and the vehicle crashes and Puss decides to leave Humpty on the bridge before jumping off.

Kitty Soft Paws sleeps through the entire story and is awakened by Puss; by this time, Humpty has shown up too and begins pleading with Puss who reluctantly agrees to the partnership.

The three set out after Hansel and Gretel who are on their way to the place where the beans were supposed to be planted in order for them to grow. Puss and Kitty joined forces and manage to get the beans but wound up being chased by Hansel and Gretel before Humpty managed to turn their vehicle into a flying contraption. They travelled for some time before they arrived at the correct location. They plant the beans, the beanstalk emerged, and they are taken up with it to. They horse around for a bit before they get down to business.

They manage to sneak in and get the golden goose, and after descending, they celebrate the score they have made. It was at the end of this celebration that Hansel and Gretel who managed to sneak up on them hit Puss in the head. When Puss wakes up everything and everyone is gone, he returns to his hometown to find Hansel and Gretel, who were working for the egg and he realises that it was all a setup. After being surrounded by the guards, he decides to go peacefully. It is in jail that he learns that the egg had gotten the magic bean from his cellmate and that this whole plan was to get back at Puss for leaving him on the bridge. Puss also learns that they should not have taken the golden goose as the guardian of the goose was the goose’s mother and that it would destroy the entire town.

He escapes prison with the help of Kitty and finds the egg. He manages to persuade the egg into leaving the city with the goose. Of course, Humpty would not make it as when he was half way out of the town the mother-goose showed looking rather angry and started destroying the town in search of her child. Puss and Humpty manages to get her to leave the town, but not before Humpty gets smashed. At the end of it all Puss is known as the town hero but he is still an outlaw because he broke out of jail.

Great movie to watch with the family.

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