Film Review: The Three Stooges (2012)

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The Three Stooges


92 Min



Plot: While trying to save their childhood orphanage, Moe, Larry, and Curly inadvertently stumble into a murder plot and wind up starring in a reality TV show.

This movie starts out uninteresting and almost made me stop watching it but after all that it got better. The three stooges Larry, Curly and Moe set out to save the orphanage, and had to come up with 830,000 Dollars which seemed impossible but they left nonetheless. After some days of begging on the streets and getting nowhere, a woman who offers to pay them the money they needed if they killed her husband approaches them. The woman who was having an affair on her husband with his best friend managed to persuade them. The best friend who played the husband said that he was very sick and that they should kill him when he was sleeping because he did not want to see it coming. The stooges who think that the person is the husband decide to throw him in the street and he wound up being hit by a bus and eventually ended up in the hospital.

The stooges meet up with an old friend from the orphanage. After some days and still no money, they get into an argument and split ways, the movie gets emotional. Moe turns into a celebrity and starred on Jersey shore. While the other two moped around missing him. They visit a rich person who had adopted Moe but returned him and adopted their friend instead. He turns them down for the money and offers to help them sue the orphanage; he also tells them why he returned Moe.

The two learn of Moe’s rise to stardom, and started watching the show regularly. After sometime, they decide that they should go to Moe for help, when they realize that the woman, who hired them to kill her husband, was married to their friend. The stooges crash the anniversary party and manage to save their friend and learn that it was his adopted father who masterminded the plot to kill him, after his adopted mother died and left everything to him.

Some months past and they return to the orphanage, see the run down building, and started recollecting their memories until they noticed some sounds coming nearby. They ran over to find another orphanage with a pool and everything. They explain that they did not come back because they could not tell the kids and nuns that they failed. The also learn that the new orphanage was provided by the network Moe had worked for after they learned that there were two more persons as dumb as Moe.

Not a bad movie, I was not a big fan because of the starting but it eventually won me over and I was laughing through it.

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