Film Review: The Muppets (2011)

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The Muppets


103 Min


Comedy | Family | Musical

Plot: With the help of three fans, The Muppets must reunite to save their old theater from a greedy oil tycoon.

I personally never got to see The Muppet Show because it was off the air by the time I was born. Anyway, the movie starts off introducing Walter, a puppet and his brother Gary, a human. As time went by, things got hard on Walter as he was a puppet and felt very lonely, until, Gary introduced him to the Muppet Show. After that Walter was permanently hooked, he even dressed up as Kermit the frog for Halloween, and of course Gary would be right there with him watching the shows.

Fast forward a couple of years and a Musical, Gary is now in a relationship with Mary, a teacher and are going on a trip together to celebrate their anniversary (even though they aren’t married), and the Muppet Studios just happen to be in that same city so, Gary invited Walter to tag along. Mary is secretly upset with the idea but goes along because Gary promises to spend time with her.

The trio arrive at the studio, which was now a ruin, took the whole tour, before Walter snuck off into Kermit’s office, where he overhears that the studio is being sold and that once it is sold it will be tearing down. Walter tells Gary and Gary decides they should tell Kermit, so they set off to find him, after some searching they finally come upon Kermit’s house, Walter gets electrocuted, which draws Kermit out to help them.

They tell Kermit about the oil tycoon’s plans for the studio, Kermit breaks out into a song and they set out to find the old Muppets to put on another show. They travel all over until they reach the final Muppet, Miss Piggy, who happens to be in Paris. They get there and Miss Piggy turns them down because of personal problems with Kermit.

They decide to replace Miss Piggy and get started repairing the studio. Another musical performance. As all of this was going on Mary and Gary were having problems as Mary felt neglected because Gary was spending all of his time with Walter, (she even had a song about it). She winds up leaving and Gary realizes that he wanted to be with Her, after sharing a song about whether he is a man or a muppet and goes back to Her. He finds her and proposes, she said yes, and so the two sat down to watch the Muppet Show broadcast.

It is opening night and everything is going good so far and Walter even has a part in the show. The show is going well even though the theater started out empty and slowly filled up. The show was approaching its end and it looked as if they would make the money they needed but the oil tycoon came in stopped them before Gary and Mary showed up and helped them, even though they still did not make the money. The Muppets left the theater with their head held high and were shocked by the amount of fans that had turned up to support them. The oil tycoon eventually was won over and gave the Muppets back their studio

Great movie. Way too much musical numbers for me, but then again it is a musical so I enjoyed it.

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