Film Review: Battleship (2012)


PG – 13

131 Min


Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

Plot: A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals.

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This is a great movie, it has pretty much everything I love in a movie, lots of stuff blowing up and guns, very big guns. This movie starts out with NASA giving a press conference about a planet they had found that was similar to earth and that they had set up a deep space satellite to try to communicate with the planet. Now immediately I say to my self these people are idiots, do they not remember Columbus and the Indians and the whole slave trade and colonization. Earth doesn’t have a manned deep space spacecraft but if the other planet has one, obviously they are more advanced than us, and I am pretty sure they won’t want to just share their technology. Anyway like clockwork the Aliens decide to pay us a visit. Luckily it was around the time of some international navy games, which is sort of like navy Olympics basically.

The first event was a soccer final between Japan and USA, clearly USA lost, then they ventured out on the water for naval exercises. When they were venturing out is about the time the aliens were landing and it was around the area in which the ships were having their exercises. Anyway NASA seeing that the planet sent out ships to earth, contacted everybody, and you know politicians. Anyway orders are passed out to three ships to check out the site where the crafts landed.

The rest of the movie in a summary: Stone dies, Alex takes over because he is the next full senior, the Japanese guy’s boat gets blown up, but he lives. Alex’s girlfriend manages to get a call to the ship and informs them of the Aliens intentions and where they should bomb. Alex with the help of the Japanese captain, manages to take out the three ships before their ship is destroyed. They then manage to get to an old Battleship and with the help of some veterans, get it up and running and armed. They set out to find out that there was a fourth ship, the one that created the dome, and this one was armed to the teeth. The guy with the fake legs fought an alien. Alex defeated the fourth ship and fired their last missile to take out the satellite, when they realized that the ship was going to be taken out again by those metal destroyer balls. The “metal destroyer balls” were blow up because in defeating the ship the removed the barrier.

Alex and his brother got a medal, and he kept his job and finally got up the courage to ask his girlfriend’s father for his permission to marry his daughter.


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