Film Review: The Hunger Games (2012)

The Hunger Games

PG -13

142 Mins


Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi

Plot: Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister’s place for the latest match.

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This is a future based movie, it starts out and we are introduced to Katniss and her sister, who lives in district 12, from the looks of it, this is a mining district. Katniss is a hunter as she ventures out into the forest to hunt; we are also introduced to a friend (looks like her boyfriend). They are talking about the hunger games and how dumb and pointless it is when the selectors fly in.

Everyone from town is assembled as they select the two persons who will represent the district in the games. Katniss’ sister is chosen, but when Katniss realizes this, she offers to volunteer in place of her sister. Then there was the selection of her co-star. Everyone says his or her goodbyes and the two are taken to what looks like the capital.

(Skipping forward a bit)

It is time for the games to start, their trainer give them some advice telling them not to go for the gear that is set out in front of them, but instead head off into the woods, as it is a trap to get rid of a lot of the competition very early.

The games start and immediately about half the persons are already dead, the rest headed off into the woods, a team between some of the lower districts in order to kill off the rest of the districts. The boy from district 12 is caught and is forced to help the team track down Katniss, and she ends up running into the group, she seeks refuge in a tree for the night but is injured. The team decides to camp out below the tree, in order to kill her when she comes down. Morning reaches and she is greeted by a little girl, who tells her to cut a branch, with a beehive, which would cause the team to run off and give her the opportunity to escape.

(Summing up)

The little girl is killed; the rules are amended to allow for the two persons from each district to be winners. The boy from district 12 is injured; Katniss makes out with him, and nurses him back to health. The game is put to an end after the remaining persons were eaten by some dogs. Katniss and the boy are the winners, when the rules are changed back to only one person, and the two decide to eat some poisonous berries, before they are stopped and made the winners.

They return and persons in charge of the games were shown up by the two’s actions and have to face the consequences, the two return to their district and are greeted.

Great movie, the only touching part about it was when the little girl died.

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  1. I absolutely loved The Hunger Games; this was another great adaption of a book into a movie and it really impressed me. I read the books well before I watched the movie and I always recommend both to all of my coworkers at Dish. I wasn’t too sure about the movie before, so I decided to rent it with my Blockbuster @ Home subscription, so it didn’t cost me anything extra and now I can watch it as much as I want before I return it to the store for another movie. I am really debating on watching it a few more times and I really can’t wait until Catching Fire comes out!

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