Film Review: Piranha 3DD (2012)

Piranha 3DD


83 Min


Comedy | Horror | Thriller

Plot: After the events at Lake Victoria, the pre-historic school of blood-thirsty piranhas make their way into a newly opened waterpark.

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This is the part 2 to Piranha 3D, this time with a whole lot more dumb people and nudity, if that is even possible. After the whole Lake Victoria thing, the authorities engaged in a vicious seek and destroy mission against the Piranha but was useless as the destination had now been ruined and almost everyone from town moved away.

A year passes and pretty much everyone has forgotten about the Lake Victoria incident, a new water park is opening, which would be offering a lot of features (if you know what I mean). Now the part owner (the girl) she returns from studying and finds out about her stepfather’s plan for the water park, at first she is upset but eventually gives up. She meets up some friends and they joke around a bit before each goes their own separate ways for the night.

The first of her friends are shown in the water skinny-dipping when a piranha swam up into her vagina, which made her sick and ended the night early. The other two are in a van messing around when the van rolls into the water and they are both eaten. The next day when they cannot find the friend that was eaten they start searching.

(Skipping forward a bit)

They find out that the piranhas from Lake Victoria have managed to make their way into their water system. They find the scientist who had helped in the Lake Victoria incident and he tells them about the piranhas and gives them a demonstration of how deadly they are. The part owner of the water park went to check the water park’s drainage system to ensure that there aren’t any piranhas or breaches, she nearly gets eaten.

(Summary of the rest of the movie)

The cop is dirty, and is killed. The girl with the piranha in her vagina had sex with a guy and the piranha swam out and bit the guy on his penis and he stupidly cut off his penis. The girl’s stepfather is killed, the piranhas invade the water park and kill many persons and injure others. The black police officer from part one returns and kills many piranhas. David Hasselhoff, saves someone, the person still ends up dying, when the piranhas evolved and started walking.

The movie is entertaining, has a lot of nudity and pretty bad acting, part 1 was the best and it seems like they might be making a part 3. Watch at your own risk.

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