Film Review: Think Like A Man (2012)

Think Like A Man

PG -13

122 Mins


Comedy | Romance

Plot: Four friends conspire to turn the tables on their women when they discover the ladies have been using Steve Harvey’s relationship advice against them.

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Movie Summary:

The first friend is a Man-child; he is unemployed and has his transformers collection, his girlfriend has been trying to get him to get serious for several years and when she learns of Steve Harvey’s book and his relationship advice, she decides to use it against him.

The second friend is a mama’s boy, his mother plays a big part in his life and she is more or less controlling him. He meets Candace and manages to get her to go out with him, she tells him that, she has a kid but he is cool with it. Things get serious and he introduces her to his mama and of course, his mama practically ran her out of the house, she also has a copy of Steve Harvey’s book and uses it against him.

The third friend is a dreamer; he has big dreams and no money, he is interested in the COO of a big company but she is not interested in anyone who makes significantly less than she does. He manages to get her to go out with him, and everything is going great, he also finds out that his friend is dating her friend Candace, and of course, his friend puts in a good word and he likewise. She eventually finds out that he is bum.

The fourth friend, Zeke; the player, he is used to getting women to bed easily and is never attached. He meets Mia; she is tired of all the players that she has dated and decides to take Steve Harvey’s advice and goes on a 90 day no sex rule.

The guys were talking together at their friends party who was going through a divorce, they realized that the women all asked them the same questions. They also learn of Steve Harvey’s book and manage to get their hands on a copy and decide to use its words against the women. Everything is going great until one after the next they all are caught in their lies except for the dreamer, he was dumped. They realize that it wasn’t just enough to lie about it and all manage to get their women back.

This is a great movie to watch, it is very entertaining, still couldn’t believe Steve Harvey sold out the black guys like that.

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