Film Review: Beefest (2006)



110 Min



Plot: Two brothers travel to Germany for Oktoberfest, only to stumble upon secret, centuries-old competition described as a “Fight Club” with beer games.

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Movie Summary:

Two brothers venture to Germany for Oktoberfest, and to bury their grandfather’s ashes. They manage to get drunk and get into trouble before meeting up with the person who would take them to the site of the family’s burial grounds. They stumble into a secret competition known as “Beerfest”, the guide is killed for bringing them there and they learn of their family’s heritage. After being humiliated, the brothers return home determined to clear their family’s name. They assemble a team of the best drinkers they know and begin training.

Several months past and it seems they are getting nowhere with their training. They find the secret beer recipe and realize that everything that was said about their family was true. They decide to sell the beer from their house brewery and soon it was a sensation. The Germans show up demanding to have the recipe, of course the brothers refuse and the Germans engage in a smear campaign, when that would not work they had, one of their spies, the old lady’s care taker to take the recipe. Their friend dies; at his funeral, their grandmother tells them the complete family story after she sees them ready to give up on Oktoberfest.

Their friend’s twin brother shows up and asks to join them in order to honor him, and takes over in certain areas as well. They return to Beerfest determined to come out victorious, thy manage to win all of their competitors, before losing to the Germans, determined not to give up they challenge them to double or nothing for the Beer recipe. This time they won because one of the Germans got hurry and a drop of the beer spilled making the brothers the winners.


A subpar movie, it is hardly funny and the only reason I watched it was that the trailer made it look very entertaining. The trailer lied.

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