Film Review: The Dictator (2012)


The Dictator


83 Min



Plot: The heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed.

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Movie Summary:

The Dictator tells the story of General Aladeen. His father died when he was just a little boy and was pushed into power over his uncle, who was the General’s advisor. His uncle was secretly trying to get Aladeen to turn his country into a Democracy in order to be able to sell the oil rights to outside companies.

The General is finally forced by the UN to turn his country into a democracy after his country was under heavy speculations of having nuclear weapons. He travels to America after threats of his country being invaded if he did not respond. He is kidnapped and was supposed to be killed, all of which was organized by his Uncle. He manages to escape but his beard was shaved and without it, he could not be identified as General Aladeen and would not be able to stop his uncle from selling the oil rights of his country.

He meets a woman who takes him in and offers him a job, he also learns that everyone that he condemned to death, were never killed, but were instead sent to America. He meets his former head nuclear researcher which Aladeen had “killed” and gets him, to help Aladeen get back control of his country.

Aladeen falls in love with the woman who befriended him, and reveals his identity to her and she is somewhat angry with him. He manages to get back into the hotel with his researcher’s help. He tears up the proposed constitution, gives a speech before seeing his love in the audience, changes his mind, and instead promises to make plans to turn his country into a democracy. He had his uncle arrested and made good somewhat on his promises. He got married to his love and she got pregnant.


This movie is very funny; it addresses some things that we all know to be true.


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