Journal 03/09/2012

Today is the first day of school and I was not ready for it. I personally could have done with another week or two. The day started off at 5 am, even though I went to sleep at minutes to one. I set the alarm for extra early because I know I would fall back asleep and wound up reaching late.

I finally left my bed at 5:45 and got up to make breakfast and prepare my lunch. By 7 I was ready and left the house. I was now faced with the main reason I always reached to school late; No Vans. Anyway finally got a van and when I reached the Villa area; Traffic.

Now from years of experience if the traffic reaches that far it means that it isn’t moving and was going to be a long wait. Lucky for me the van turned around and took an alternate route upon seeing the amount of traffic. Still couldn’t avoid the traffic, this route was moving a lot faster but it still took some time. I was in traffic from 7:30 to 7:55 which is terrible.

Finally got to school met up with some of my friends, learned of those that made it to second year and those that dropped out. School had its assembly, some new teacher additions and also some new rule enforcement, one of them being no guys with platted hair, hair must be trimmed or you will be sent home. I think to myself its a good thing I didn’t consider growing my hair this year or I will be forced to cut it.

Assembly is over  after the usual speeches and advice. My class meets with one of our lecturers about our course outline and different details. My next class was at 1pm and I was not in the mood to stay in school from 10 am to 1 just relaxing.

I headed home and as I was leaving I saw the rest persons from my class leaving also so no problem.

Got home and after relaxing and doing some reading, one of my mom’s friends had a problem with her computer so I went to check it out. Which took the entire afternoon, well not really I just couldn’t get a van to get there until very late. Anyway I get there, check it out, it seems as if the motherboard or power supply has gone bad because it isn’t powering up at all it turns on and then off again after about 3 seconds.

Got back home, sister is on the computer so I just headed in to relax and listen some music and also get ready for day 2.

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