Journal 04/09/2012

Well today started similar to yesterday, except that I left home a bit later but I still managed to reach on time. Even though traffic was terrible. My first lecturer did not show up for class. My next class was at 10 so all I could do was relax, with my friends.

10 finally came, it seemed like it took forever but it eventually got there. This class was basic programming, which was basically pseudo-code similar to what I did in secondary school. We all introduced ourselves and learned a little more about the course and then the class was ended at around 11.

My next class was at 1. Math 2 which is calculus. Met up with my friends again relaxed for a while, ate lunch and talked about random stuff until 1 came. My math teacher is an alright person, the only thing is; if I want to pass the class I would have to pay serious attention because you will get lost. Our math class was joined with another program because my class is quite small, as only 13 people made it to second year.

That was just a 1 hour class and we were given a brief outline of the various topics we would be covering this year. My next class was Entrepreneurship. This course was being taught by one of the new teachers, it was basically a business management course, so that persons who wish to start their own business, know what to do so that it doesn’t fail. He laid down some rules, the one I paid attention to was where he said he didn’t want anyone coming to his class later than ten minutes. I said to myself lucky thing I have his classes in the afternoon because I would just stop trying to reach early.

I was even given homework from that class, which made it the first course that has ever started teaching during the first week. After that was over I went and relaxed with my friends for a while before we all went home.

Got home ate, blogged, tweeted and checked my Facebook before going in to my bed, luckily tomorrow I have an afternoon class

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