Blog News 06/09/2012


So some of you may have noticed the new posts called “Journal” these are just summaries of my daily life. The come a day late because I can’t blog about what hasn’t happened as yet. This was actually introduced since when I was on attachment back in May but, I am pretty sure no one wants to hear about my boring summer, everyday is the same.

The next bit of news is the tutorials category, you may notice it now has sub-categories. These new additions came about as I realized there are a lot of persons like myself who have a passion for various things, but sometimes are unable to find free tutorials to help them get better.

The sub-categories so far are:

Web – these are tutorials on web development such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Design – these are tips and tricks that teach you different designing maneuvers that you probably did not know.

Programming – these tutorials hep you learn the basics as well as different tips and tricks.

The only other news is regarding the mixes category; some of you may have noticed no mixes for quite some while, this was in part due to no new dance-hall or reggae riddims and also because mixes are also copyrighted and not all riddims allow you to upload your mixed version of it. Currently I am debating whether to keep the category or discard it all together. I will update you further on that.

Regarding a previous notice of the site moving to paid hosting, I have decided to keep it as it is, for the time. One other news that requires mention is that this is my longest ever running blog and this 28th of September would make it 8 Months, wow! Time flies when you are having fun.

Till my next blog post, this is DDMBOSS wishing you merry reading.