Journal 05/09/2012


Today I was able to finally sleep in late as I had afternoon classes; Yay Me! Well it was a bit better than that as the class I was supposed to have at 2, the teacher said he was not teaching this week so, my next class was at 4, Entrepreneurship.

After realizing this, a couple of friends and I made plans to go out to the community college which is a sister division of my college. I spent most of my morning listening music before leaving home at 1. Got out there and met up with one of my friends, the other had not reached as yet and we both decided to wait for her. I also met up with some my old friends from Secondary School who I had not seen in a long time, because of how busy I was. We hang out and talked for a while and they have not changed.

After some time passed and we did not see her, we decided to head in to the college. We browsed around the college for a short while, before heading over to the library, met up with some more old friends before heading upstairs, it was full so headed back downstairs, found a partially empty table, it had some first year students there. Said our hellos and just sat there and relaxed until my friend came.

While waiting, the first year students were talking and acting very crazy (random) and were doing a great job at entertaining me. My friend finally came, and we relaxed some more until it was after 3, I was feeling very reluctant to go to class as the first years were very entertaining but I finally decided to go and after a short walk in what seemed to be fire but was actually just the sunshine. We were at the bus stop waiting for a van

Got a bus and arrived at class, early. This was the time my rest friends had finished class and were now heading home. Class went by rather quickly, I guess because it was mainly a discussion and was enjoyable.

Got home and my sis was using the computer so I just went in and relaxed for a bit, before eating dinner and going to sleep.


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