Journal 06/09/2012

Went to bed rather late, around midnight as I was up converting some video tutorials I had. Woke up around 8 in the morning and ate breakfast before checking the computer. The videos had not finished so I left it be and just played music on the stereo at very high volumes; it was mainly Drake, Linkin Park, B.o.B, Kanye West & Jay-Z and Lil Wayne. Anyone who knows their music knows that their songs have some very heavy bass-lines and my stereo plays it very well.

When I finally pulled myself together it was after 10 minute to 11. So it was off to get ready and still the videos had not finished converting and I was a bit anxious. By the time I had eaten and bathed it was close to 12 and the videos had reached in the 90% range so I placed the laptop on battery mode and set the convert to turn the computer off on completion and I was out of there.

Today was another afternoon class. This time my class was at 1. Digital Fundamentals, which covered topics such as logic gates, binary notation and algebra; lord help me! Anyway we were told a little about what this class entails, we were also told about how the class is set up, Monday classes would be theory and Thursday classes would be practical. Which I was cool with, He also gave us some advice and recommended a certificate training center to allow for us to get better skilled.

Class went for about an Hour or two before we were dismissed. I headed straight for the bus stop in order to go home, as fate would have it I would be in for a long wait. During my wait I saw a couple of my old friends, we talked for a short while until they both went home.

I was there for about another half an hour to an hour before a van came and I was on my way home. Got home, there was no problems and straight way I was back on the computer. Spent most of the night on it, and was about to repeat the same thing as Wednesday night but my sister had to use the computer and I had early morning classes so I just logged out and went to bed.

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