Journal 07/09/2012

ITS FRIDAY! Last day of the school week and of course today I am going to hang out with my friends. The only draw back was that I had maths early in the morning from 8-10 no biggie, but the way the lecturer talks, Its like if he is speaking a different language, and mix that with maths equals to me not understanding anything.

Got to school relatively early as traffic was actually not bad today (WOW!). Anyway the lecturer this time was running late, (one time I reach early); when he finally reached he explained that he had car problems and it was straight down to business and I was already lost. I said to myself the only way I am going to pass is if I write what is on the board, because listening is pointless.

At around the final twenty minutes of class, I couldn’t take anymore and asked to go outside. I got out walked around, got to see a really old friend, she was looking very good, walked some more until it was about 10 minutes before class was over and I walked back in. He went over some more stuff, embarrassed someone and then the time was finally up and I shouted Hallelujah!.

My friends had also finished class and we all hang out talked some random stuff before heading into town, we walked around for a bit, ate, walked around some more, before meeting up with some more friends, then we ventured to buy alcohol (Rum), there was a lot to choose from, eventually bought White Oak and met back up with the rest friends and we were off to a bar to just drink and relax.

I was more or less a newbie, I had drinked before, and still do but every now and then. We mixed the bottle with Cranberry and it tasted great. After the first rounds the bottle was quartered.

We all talked some more random stuff, then I took a glass full, which was the equivalent of about three shots. This stunned everyone, straight way my head was all screwy but I was not drunk!, but seeing as I had to catch a van I decided to call that it. We all relaxed some more and talked more random stuff before I went over to catch a bus.

I saw some old friends and said Hi, then I spotted some more of my friends and went over to hang out with them. We talked random stuff before we caught a van, this van had no conductor so I volunteered myself and that was my job for the entire ride home. When I got out, I don’t know if I tripped or flew but I got to the driver’s window pretty quick and paid the fare. Got home logged in and after how my head was feeling decided to call it a night.

……..Please Drink responsibly and do not engage in underage drinking, and especially DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!……..

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