Journal 10/09/2012

Today is a Monday and I have my classes in the afternoon. Thank heavens, for the duration of the morning I got up fed my dogs and before I knew it, it was 11 and I had to get ready to leave for school.

I left home for 12 because I ate lunch at home so as to avoid walking with it. Got a van rather quickly and I was at school for 12:30. My friends, who were in another class, were done for the day so I just relaxed for a bit until 1 came and my classes began.

To my surprise, at first it looked like if my teacher would be late. Then it got clear that He was not coming to class, so all I could do was relax and wait for my next class which was at 3. When it was close to 3 I got word that my next teacher was not going to be teaching either.

This of course upset me because I could have been home, watching some tutorials or tweeting or blogging. I got home, got on the computer, went into Photoshop and started designing but I did not like it so I scrapped it then I hit up twitter and Facebook.

My sister needed the computer, so I called it a night for computer. RAW was showing so I watched it for a bit, but got bored and decided to go to sleep.

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