Journal 11/09/2012

I had classes at 8 today so, I made sure to set my alarms for 5 and 5:45 because the 5 alarm is to tell me to start getting up and the 5:45 one means that it’s time to get out of bed. Ate breakfast and got ready. Even though I get up so early, I still can’t leave home before 7.

Left home and began the tiresome wait for a bus. I managed to get one, the only problem was that the bus had a problematic audio system in, as the subwoofers were always beating instead of only when the song had a bass part in it and were giving me a headache and it didn’t seem that the driver had any control over it because even when he turned down the system the problem continued.

I managed to tough it out until it reached at Arnos Vale and the traffic even though it was moving a bit faster was still heavy and this bus audio system seemed to get worse every time it stopped and I was in the backseat right above it.

Made it to school, with a slight headache, I had to go straightway to class as I was late because of traffic. When I reached however, my lecturer was running late because of the same traffic problems. He eventually came and went straight way into teaching, he did some examples and gave a small in class practice exercise on Binary conversions. At first I couldn’t remember what I was doing but it came back and I got down to business and got all my answers correct with aid of my calculator. The class ended but not before my lecturer told us we will be having an ex on the topic.

My next class came at 10 Basic Programming, we were introduced to the new lab, the computers look good, and they have Intel core i5 processors and 4 GB of ram and were running Windows 7 professional. The only drawback was that they are Dell computers but the monitors look great and are quite big.

The class was actually entertaining, most of the stuff that was done I had already covered in my secondary school IT class and also BCA in year 1. I still made jottings not notes to help me remember.

Lunch could not have come sooner, even though the class ended at 11:30, I was hungry since 10 and when I left the class, the biggest problem occurred there were no empty rooms for me to eat. I had to wait until 12 to get to eat. It seemed like forever but eventually the clock hit 12 and I was there with my tuna sandwich in my hand eating.

In the afternoon I had Maths from 1-2 but he did not show up, I did not mind though because I usually don’t understand anything he says. My next class however was from 3-5. I along with a couple of friends engaged in idle behaviour until 3 finally came.

Entrepreneurship class was god, there were some laughs but we got everything covered. Mainly because the teacher used a slideshow and we had to take some notes on things that weren’t included in the slideshow. That class ended at 4:30; luckily I did not have a long wait for a bus and arrived home rather early.

Got home blogged, tweeted and updated my Facebook status before going to sleep.

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