Journal 12/09/2012

Today is the middle of the week, Wednesday! The weekend is now just two days away. Today I had afternoon classes, which was great because I was really tired from yesterday and I would be able to sleep in late. I made sure to check with my lecturer to find out if he was having class today because I wanted to go out community again.

After a 10 minute speech about things that were seriously irrelevant, I left with what sounded like yes. I checked with him because I wanted to be sure that I had class at 2 instead of 4 because I wanted to go out to the Community College.

Got to school to find out that the teachers have a staff meeting, I waited around for a while before I got a message that my next teacher would not be teaching either. I felt somewhat angry as I just wasted my day and just catch the first van home.

Got home for about minutes to 5 and Put some videos to convert and then wrote up some long overdue Journal posts. My sister wanted to use the computer so I could not publish them. I went back on the computer at midnight and published the two posts I wrote up and also wrote up the review for MIB3 before calling it a night at 2 am.

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