Journal 13/09/2012

Last night was a late night so of course I will be waking up late; luckily I had afternoon classes so as long as I was up before 1 pm I was good.

Finally left my bed around 8 and turned on the computer to check my email. Ate breakfast and did my chores. Sat back down around the computer until about 10 minutes to 11 before eating lunch and get ready for school. The number one thing I love about taking a bath in the middle of the day is that the water is nice and warm so it feels magical when it is flowing over your body.

Got to school for after 12 minutes to 1, I had Digital Fundamentals from 1 – 4 and then I was back home. The classroom was seriously hot, I think that the country was going through a heat wave because you can’t be out in the sun for too long, and there are no high winds so you are going to feel it.

The class covered and finished binary before moving on to logic gates, at first it looks difficult, mainly all those lines and diagrams going all over the place but they are easy once you follow the truth tables. The hardest part of it so far was drawing them.

After we took a small break the lecturer went over the logic gates to make sure we understood, after which he ended class. Before leaving the college I checked my classes for tomorrow.

Got home and got busy writing up my blog posts, tweeted, facebooked and checked my email. My sister was not at home so I had the computer all night, I checked on new movie releases but didn’t like what was out so I searched for some music before calling it a night at 11.

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