Journal 14/09/2012


Woke up happy because it was the weekend, the only sad part is that I had class at 8 which I didn’t mind. My alarm woke me up at 5 but I took off my second alarm so I never left my bed until 6. I quickly fixed my breakfast and got ready before heading out.

Got out a little after 7 and managed to get a van before it got too late, around 7:20. Traffic was not on the extremes mainly because the drive took a lot of back roads before coming out back on the main. Got to school for about 8:10 only to find out my teacher is out on sick leave. So I had no class for the day, third time for the week but no biggie. It was Friday so this was not going to vex me.

My friends from a different program had class from to 10 so I stayed around and talked random stuff with persons from my class until their class was done. We all met up at the bus stop and hang out while waiting for a van to take us to Pizzahut. We got there and contributed, one of my friends who was there with us, got spooked or something because he just left abruptly.

Anyway the four of us that remained ordered, another of our friends were supposed to join us, but after hunger set in we decided that they would get from the next one we were going to order.

The first pizza went by rather fast until the last slice remained and we played rock paper scissors for it, sadly I lost. We went for drink refills before waiting for our friend. We were joined by another friend and then we learned that the friend we were waiting on was not coming. So we ordered a second pizza, this time I was being fought by this slice.

We all hang out and talked before leaving, I was going out community so I caught a van to go out there. I got out there and headed for the library as that was basically the “chill spot” anyway I met up with a friend from secondary school and I decided to relax there, he was with some other friends but it was no problem. I also saw some persons from when I went out there last week.

I relaxed out there before meeting up with another friend for something she had class till five so I decided to just hang out and wait for her. The library closed at five so I hang out with my friends before we all decided to leave. I thought she had already gone, but I met up with some more old friends and we waited by a side-walk for a while, when I saw her coming (oops).

She told me that she was going home as the bus she travelled with had room. I headed in town because I knew I was not going to get a van easily, I was there for a while before a van finally came. By the time I got home it was dark and my mom questioned me like the police, but I told her that she didn’t need to know who all I was with.

I was really tired but I watched The Raid Redemption, I had some things downloading so I left the computer on before calling it a night.

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