Journal 17/09/2012



Had afternoon classes, from 1 to 5 ouch! My first class was Basic Programming, which was alright because that class was in the computer lab. That class ended for minutes to 3.

My next class was software installation, I was a bit unenthusiastic about this class for reason I will not mention, but that class was also in the same computer lab so I didn’t have to move much.

For software Installation we were given a lab, which was to install Arch-bang a Linux-based OS using virtual box, because I was one of the better computer persons in the class, I was placed by myself while everyone else was paired together. I got through the practical fairly easily, the only problem I had was with the grub because you had to use CTRL + X to exit the grub settings so that the installer could continue but all it help box was showing was ^X so that made me had to basically scrap my installation and start from scratch before getting through.

That class ended early as everyone pretty much understood what they had to do, the lecturer spoke about some more things before ending. I immediately headed home, as I was seriously tired.

Got home my sister was using the computer, so I had to relax for the time being, she eventually logged off but by that time I was just going to check my email because I was feeling sleepy and it was pointless to post any blog post.

After seeing nothing important was in my email, I signed out and watched a bit of Monday Night Raw. After it ended I saw that they were showing Friday, and I wanted to watch it but I had early morning classes so I called it a night.


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