Journal 18/09/2012


I was seriously tired as it took both of my alarms to wake me up. I straight way began to get ready for school. Made and ate breakfast packed my lunch before getting ready. Rain clouds had enclosed the area so I walked with my umbrella and by the time I left my house and reach by a neighbouring building the rain came crashing down.

I sheltered the rain there until it stopped, by the time I reached the main road, sun was shining out and the area had dried off so much that you could not tell that rain had just fallen. I of course felt somewhat angry because I had my umbrella to carry around.

Got a van shortly after and was in school in no time, traffic was a bit minimal today as it was moving faster than normal (still slow). I of course was late for class but the lecturer had not started teaching as yet so I was okay.

That class ended and I was off to Basic Programming, which was supposed to be in the lab but after the room had a terrible scent of varnish as some new furniture had been added to the lab, the class was moved to a neighbouring class. We went into the basics of programming before we ended early.

My next class was at 1, some of my friends had come to school early so I hang out with them before we ate lunch and then continued with more random discussions.

I went to my maths class, I managed to understand what the lecturer was doing until he gave a second example and I was WTF did he just do.

That class finally ended at 2 and I did not have another class until 3 so I went back to my usual location and some more of my friends were there and we talked and did some random stuff before we ran out of the classroom for making too much noise, however my class was about five minutes off so I just went to that instead.

My last class for the day and made sure to get a seat next to the door because the room was hot and also to be the first one out as soon as the class ended.

The class ended early so as soon as I reached the bus stop I got a bus and headed home. Straightway I turned on the computer and wrote up the film review for The Avengers before my sister wanted to use the computer so I did not get to publish it.

Nothing special was showing on TV so I went in and listened to some music before falling passing out, at around 1 I was jolted out my sleep by a loud thunder, which was followed by rain.

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