Journal 19/09/2012


It is now the middle of the week! Today I had afternoon classes from 2 – 5. I woke up early and turned on the computer and published the film review of The Avengers before writing up the film review of Raid Redemption. By 9 I had finished everything and I was now bored with nothing to do but I had my chores. I watched some Photoshop tutorials until 12 and then got ready for school.

Finally ate lunch for close to 1 before leaving home, after a short wait caught a bus and arrived at school with time to spare.

The class started a bit late and persons were still arriving, the lecturer was in full lecture mode and I was in the realm of boredom and also having a headache made everything worse. That class did not end fast enough, sadly however I had another class after.

I went to the class, luckily we were not given notes but instead assigned to groups, the first two groups were given their assignments but the rest of the groups had to wait for the next class to get their assignments.

That class ended early and I caught the first van home, luckily I did not have class tomorrow so I could get to relax, got home and my sister was already home but she wasn’t using the computer so I jumped on and scrolled through my Facebook, Twitter and checked on my blog.

After doing so I got bored so I downloaded Virtual DJ the free edition and did a refresher mix, and my skills were all there. Recorded that session and uploaded to soundcloud, only to be notified that my mix contained copyrighted elements so I just shrugged my shoulders.

My sister wanted to use the computer so I let her, Titanic was showing on TV and I held a comfortable seat. I eventually got angry at how dumb the people in the movie were, you are on a ship with tables, doors and chairs made of wood, why did you not think of taking those off and made some makeshift boats, the only other thing that vexed me was that the old woman dropped that diamond in the middle of the ocean, couple hundred million dollars now shark food.

Finally decided to call it a night after 1 when Titanic finally ended and a dumb movie came on after.

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