Weekend Journal 15 – 16/09/2012


Woke up this morning, feeling like if I had just ran a mile, I was all sweaty because of this extreme heat. Anyway eventually got out of bed, and had my breakfast and did my laundry and chores before turning on the computer.

I spent most of the morning converting some songs I had in m4a to mp3 before getting tired of the long wait and just decided to add the songs in their original format. I listened to the songs for a bit before eating lunch.

I got pretty bored and after having nothing to do on the computer I just browsed around for a while, then I tried to watch Five Year Engagement which made me even more bored, before logging off.

After a short while I logged back on, checked my mail, my blog but my sister wanted to use the computer so I called it a night especially since nothing was showing on TV.


Got up early as usual because I have to go to church, ate breakfast and by 9:30 I was out of the house and on my way to church. Church was good as usual and by 12 it was over, a cousin was staying with us so I did my usual thing of staying on the computer and blocking out everyone until they are gone.

I was again hit with a spell of boredom however I headed into Photoshop and came up with two designs. Design #10 which was another addition to my Series of Custom Car Paintjobs. It came out somewhat good; I had just reset my system so color and profile settings were not set up, and so it looked a bit faded to me. Design #11 which was the graphic that I had used as the Custom Paintjob in Design #10 I reordered it and did some fading before posting it.

I then set up color profiles and upon seeing that one of the elements from it was pretty much useless I removed it but kept it as a personal copy and did not post it. After I got through that I then proceeded to watch The Avengers before calling it a night.

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