Journal 20/09/2012


I had no school today (thank god) because the school had half day and since I had afternoon classes I didn’t have to leave home. I got up rather early and organized my breakfast before doing my chores. Then I turned on the computer, I spent most of my morning writing up my Journal Entries as I had not gotten to do them because I was not on long enough.

I had written all four of them up and took about two hours to do so, but when I got done it was close to 2pm so I decided I would schedule them to be posted beginning at 4pm and then I browsed the internet for a while as I had nothing to do, I decided to build myself a dream computer on Amazon and got through it rather quickly and everything came up to about $5000.

I felt immensely bored after doing that so I decided I would re-watch What To Expect When You’re Expecting as I had watched it so long ago I could not remember and I had to post my review of it.

My favorite part of that movie is when the guys in the dudes group came walking in, in slow motion to the sounds of Biggie Smalls. Apart from that a good comedy you should definitely watch it (Review to come soon).

Anyway that movie ended and I started searching for more movies to watch, but after my search was pointless I decided to just relax to some music. I again tried my hand at music mixing again, this time I was less than perfect and the program ended up crashing on me so I was now left with nothing to do.

7pm came and my sister required use of the computer so I went in and lie down, before passing out from exhaustion, I woke up close to midnight and turned off the lights and headed back in bed and called it a night.

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