Blog Updates 23/09/2012

There are only two changes worth noting

First: I have deleted my tumblr blog mainly because it was just a rebroadcast of my posts on this blog. I still however have my blogger blog mainly because there is nothing on it and I am keeping it in case anything was to happen to this blog and also because I don’t know how to delete my blogger account.

Second: Regarding the mixes category, I have given it some serious thought and I have decided to remove it, I have also deleted my soundcloud account, there are still however tracks on youtube and my dailymotion account, those won’t be changed.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that posts are coming slowly because I have a huge backlog of movie reviews so much so, that I forgot movies and have to re-watch them so bear with me, I have 5 movies left to clear up and re-watch.