Journal 21/09/2012


The official start of the weekend, but I have class at early in the morning so it kinds of ruins it and to make matters worse it is maths. Both alarms were required to make me leave the warmth of my bed, made breakfast and got ready for school before heading out for 7am.

I waited for sometime to catch a van and when I finally arrived the lecturer was only moments behind me. He started teaching and again I was lost, he went over some examples from the previous class, I had understood what he was doing until he had reached the second example, this time I understood everything and he started a new topic.

We got some notes before he ended class early, after some fooling around I left the classroom to wait for my friends because I had planned on enjoying my Friday after a long week of school.

Their class finally ended and we all headed to the bus stop to relax for a while before venturing, something was not in sync with me so I decided to go with the feeling and head home, sure enough as soon as I arrived home, I was hit with an enormous headache. I took vengeance upon it by listening Lil Wayne and Linkin Park before searching for some movies to download.

I drank lots of fluid and did nothing but the headache stayed with me until I had to call it a day and go in to my bed.

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