Weekend Journal 22–23/09/2012


Woke up my regular time around 9:30 and headed out to eat my breakfast and do my chores before going on the computer. The computer was in the living room so I moved it back to the monitor, after doing so my sister immediately went online, I was some what disappointed but let it be.

Watch my Saturday morning cartoons Dragon Ball-Z was showing so I watched intently before the show ended. I got bored of the other cartoons so I went in my room to take a midday nap, when I got a call about a trip my youth meeting was having and the time. I set my phone to wake me so I had enough time to eat and get ready.

2pm came and I was ready, headed out to wait by the church for more persons to come, it turned out that a total of 2 boys including myself were going and the rest were girls (no problem), we were going to Rawacou a beach close to where I live, but I didn’t go regularly because of the construction being done at the airport nearby.

Rawacou beach isn’t exactly swimmable as it can be unpredictable so for safety persons would bathe in the pond that was at the beach, we arrived there in no time and had a small picnic and talked about childhood days before going into the pond.

The pond was really shallow, a lot more than I had remembered (practically swimming on sand). We spent a lot of time in the water before finally leaving to go home, when I reached home it was close to 6 so I just rinsed off the salt before heading online to get my blogging on.

I had found a couple of movies to download and as soon as they were finished I did my chores and began preparing to go in and watch them, it was then my sister came home and again wanted the computer and I reluctantly let her as I did not want to get into a fight.

I decided to call it a night as it was pointless to wait for her to log off and nothing entertaining was showing on the TV.


Got up early-ish as I fell asleep around 1 because I was up listening music, I got prepared for church and made breakfast. A lot of rain was coming so I was unsure as to whether we would still be leaving home.

The rain finally let up for a small amount time and I grabbed my umbrella and set out like a mad man, unfortunately all my haste was useless as 80% of the way the rain came crashing down heavily and I had to find cover.

The rain finally let up and I arrived before another shower could fall. Today was Youth Sunday, but because of the rain the congregation was a bit smaller than normal. Church ended at 12 as always and I headed home and straight way I was on the computer.

I did my blog posts and tweeted and checked my Facebook, before closing it all down to watch Prometheus. At first I had to cancel as it was freezing up a lot on my computer. I closed everything and restarted the movie.

Prometheus is basically the prelude to Alien VS Predator, except this time they were trying to meet the makers of the human race, and found out that the makers were heading to earth to kill us but died.

After that movie finished I fiddled around a bit with Windows Live Writer before opening up my blog again and changed the profile. When I got finished I logged off and decided to call it a night.

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