Journal 24/09/2012


It is again another Monday, because of the heavy rainfall yesterday I did not get to wash my school so I was forced to wear the traditional uniform, and the pants is extremely big (I could jump out of a plane and land safely).

I remembered a friend had asked me for my copy Windows 7 which was the All edition version that I posted the tutorial of how to create. I transferred it to my flash but I had to search for an ISO maker as I had it in the folder version, I also had windows 8 release preview downloading so I added that to it as well.

Anyway I got my clothes washed and left home rather late.

I had class at 1 and never left home until it was 20 minutes to, I got a bus immediately, then the bus turned back at Diamond claiming it could not run with so few passengers. I managed to catch another van before it pulled over and flagged down another bus for its passengers.

I finally arrived, I was of course late by a half an hour but the teacher let me in, and I got straight down to business. We were just running some code to see how the compiler works, what the output looks like.

My next and final class for the day was Software Installation, we had to go into the existing Arch Bang installation and do some simple terminal instructions to create, copy and move folders and files. I was faced with the biggest challenge, what was my login and password. After several failed attempts I finally logged in and got straight down to the work.

I was paired with someone, and when I was halfway through the lab, I let him take over as I felt very tired, he finished it up and only needed my help, with the keyboard commands as some of them were unclear.

I gave the flash drive to my friend who wanted the files but he brought a 4gb flash drive and that could not even hold the Windows 8 RP. He could not get the files so he returned my flash drive and I used it to copy the exercise files from the class.

After that class ended I headed out to the bus stop and had to wait a while but eventually got a bus and I was home. I got down to my blogging, I got finished and wound up searching for a program that allowed me to update my Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts. I found Tweet Deck which was the only solution that came the closest, I also learned that there are no programs that allow you to post to all three.

After that I decided to run the windows 8 setup but I was halted after it told me that my CPU was incompatible. After that I decided to do my preparations for tomorrow and call it a night.

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