Journal 25/09/2012


Second day of the week, and as you know I have 8 O’clock classes, which is a pain. Anyway I was pulled from my sleep and my bed by my two alarms, I got up made my breakfast and prepared my lunch. I then went to get ready for school and double checked that I had everything for school.

I was informed that I was having an ex the day before but I did not pay it any mind and decided I would just do it from memory (which is what I always do). Anyway I left the house a little after 7 and by the time I walked to main road I got a bus which barely had room and I was off to school.

I arrived early for once as there was hardly any traffic so the bus was able to move quickly, got there the lecturer had not reached as yet so I just relaxed until he came.

My first class of the day was Digital Fundamentals and we continued with logic gates this time we were given the equations and had to come up with the circuit diagram, I felt lazy as I went to sleep late so I just copied them down and helped persons who didn’t understand.

My next class finally came which was Basic Programming, we had to wait because the lecturer was searching for an available lab with a whiteboard as the lab we were scheduled to be in was new and did not have one as yet. We finally found one and we were informed that we would have to move to the next lab half way into class. Today we were doing pseudocode and the IPO table, I had done this back in secondary school so it was nothing new to me.

That class ended at lunch and I met up with my friends and we hang out a short while before going for lunch, we were joined by some acquaintances. Lunch flew by quickly and I had my next class which was Maths (which I called foreign language as I don’t understand anything done in the class).

My next class was at 3 so I had an hour to spare, my friends had class at 4 so I met up with them and talked about random topics until I had to go for my class. This was the class I had an ex on (Entrepreneurship).

The lecturer decided to do the group presentations first, the first group did not do any presentation and the other group went and did their presentation. When they were done we were given the ex which was quite easy, so I completed it in record time (I was the second person to leave the room).

I was finished a few minutes before 4 and hanged back for a few minutes before leaving. It took me a while to get a bus home, so I waited but I had the company of my friends so it wasn’t so bad, finally got a bus and arrived home for after 6. I was very tired so I just checked my email before logging off.

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