Film Review: Sin City (2005)

Sin City


124 Min


Crime | Thriller

Plot: A film that explores the dark and miserable town, Basin City, and tells the story of three different people, all caught up in violent corruption.

Director: Frank Miller | Robert Rodriguez | Quentin Tarantino

Stars: Mickey Rourke | Clive Owen | Bruce Willis

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Movie Summary:

The film features three different people:

The first is a cop who went after the Mayor’s son who was a paedophile and murderer, he shot him and managed to save his fourth victim before the cop was betrayed by his partner and shot down. He underwent surgery and was sent to jail after the story was turned around and pinned him as the paedophile. He spent some years in jail before he was forced to leave after he feared for the safety of the child whose life he had saved. He got out and realized that he was being used as bait, he got to her and managed to save her life and tied up the loose end he had left behind before committing suicide to protect her.

The next person is a thug-like guy, he looks rather barbaric. He is sent on a killing spree after a woman who showed him kindness and had sex with him, was killed while in his bed with him. He hits up the clubs and kills his way until he is given a priest’s name. He meets up on the woman’s sister who at first tried to kill him, but he manages to convince her and continues his killing. He reaches the head of the whole set up and kills him as well, he is shot but not killed and arrested before electrocuted.

The final person, is an assassin of sorts, he recently had facial surgery, he was with an old girlfriend who had a guy who was hung up on her and would hit her. He gets involved and forces the guy to leave. The guy and his friends head into Old Town, with police hot on their tail and the assassin as well, the assassin goes about following the car in the shadows before he meats up on a former lover, who tells him that they had everything under control. The guy and his friends cross the line and are all killed, but when they were searching the bodies, they found out that the guy was a cop which threatened the truce between Old Town and the Police.

The assassin helps the girls dispose of the bodies but they are betrayed by one of the girls and the pimps try to come in and take over. The assassin comes up with a plan and manages to get everything back to the way it was, the pimps are all killed and any evidence is destroyed.


Probably the best movie I have ever seen, even though it is in black and white, it has a great plot, lots of action, some nudity and load and loads of violence. Great to watch with some friends, not for kids though may cause nightmares

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