Journal 26/09/2012



Today is the middle of the week and I am praying for the weekend to come so I no longer have school to deal with, well at least for two days. Today I had afternoon class at 2 so I had some time at home to kill.

I left home rather early around 12 and got a bus quickly and was at school by 1. Not a lot of persons had arrived as yet so I hang out with some friends from another class until it was 2. I had software Installation from 2 – 4 and I was not particularly looking forward to it.

Two O’clock finally came and I headed off to class, the lecturer had a guest and as a result was acting nice, so the class went by rather smoothly. Some of the stuff he talked about I had known about already so I gave answers and in no time 4 was swiftly approaching.

My next class was Entrepreneurship, and the lecturer just went over the answers for the Ex we had in the previous class and gave some notes before ending class early. I headed off to the bus stop and my friends from a different class was still there so we hang out for a while before catching a van.

I reached home a little before dark and just signed in and checked my email before logging off because my sister wanted to use the computer. I walked around for a bit but there was nothing showing on the TV so I headed into my room to listen some music before falling asleep.


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